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mardi, 01 novembre 2005

Petite anthologie portative 11

Caw caw caw crows shriek in the white sun over grave stones in Long Island
Lord lord Lord Naomi underneath this grass my halflife and my own as hers
caw caw my eye be buried in the same ground where I stand in Angel
Lord lord great Eye that stares on All and moves in a black cloud
caw caw strange cry of Beings flung up into sky over the waving trees
Lord Lord O Grinder of giant Beyonds my voice in a boundless field in Sheol
Caw caw the call of Time rent out of foot and wing an instant in the universe
Lord Lord an echo in the sky the wind through ragged leaves the roar of memory
caw caw all years my birth a dream caw caw
New York the bus the broken shoe the vast highschool caw caw all Visions of the Lord
Lord Lord Lord caw caw caw Lord Lord Lord caw caw caw Lord

(Allen Ginsberg, "Kaddish", V, Paris-New York, 1957-1959)


Belle attention de publier un extrait de Kaddish le jour de la Toussaint.

Écrit par : L. S. | mercredi, 02 novembre 2005

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